About Love

Once, at Seattle’s Pony Expresso café, a man and a woman began to experience the mysterious but increasingly scientifically investigated thing we call love. The first stage is called “limerence”. This is the chilling sensation, which contorts the heart, it cannot stop staring at it, when it seems that the world stops spinning and time … Read more

How You Can Choose a Water Filter or Purifier

Water treatment is important to maintaining health outdoors. Not all water sources are dangerous, but even the most pristine source can make you sick. If livestock, wildlife, or humans can get into an area, pollutants transmitted through their fecal matter can too. As more and more of us explore nature, pollution levels increase. filter uji … Read more

Christmas Shopping For Grab Bags

Although the holiday season is all about giving, many people often find themselves completely stressed out by the prospect of Christmas shopping. For these people, one of the most stressful shopping situations involves buying holiday gifts to contribute to gift bags. Sure, it can be easy to buy a great gift for your sister or … Read more